The smallest dinosaurs

This video is called BBC featured Walking with Dinosaurs show taken place at Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

From LiveScience:

The world’s most diminutive dinosaur is … a hummingbird!

Birds are just one lineage of dinosaurs that happened to survive to the present,” said Julia Clarke, a paleontologist at North Carolina State University and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

As for the record-holder of the world’s smallest extinct dino, Clarke says there are a few candidates.

In the Gobi Desert, Clarke and teammates discovered a 2-foot-long dinosaur, Mahakala omnogovae. Similarly, a tiny, thick-headed dino called Micropachycephalosaurus was also 2 feet long.

At 15-inches-long and weighing fewer than 6 ounces, the slender runner, Parvicursor, takes the cake as the smallest non-avian, extinct dinosaur.

In Argentina, scientists made a big mistake naming Mussaurus or “mouse lizard,” for its small size. Later digs unveiled giant versions of this dinosaur! Scientists soon realized that they had first discovered fossils of a baby Mussaurus, but that the adults could weigh up to 250 pounds.

Did modern birds originate around the time of the dinosaurs’ demise, or have they been around far longer? See here. And here.

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