Saving the rusty blackbird in North America

This video from the USA is called Red-winged Blackbirds: “The Biography of a Redwinged Blackbird”.

Another video from the USA, no lopnger on Youtube, was called Icterids (of Oklahoma). It said about itself:

All pics are from Wiki and p.d.


Yellow-Headed Blackbird (Male)
Baltimore Oriole (Male)
Common Grackle (Male)
Bronzed Cowbird (Hypothical, Male(?))
Bobolink (male)
Brewer’s Blackbird (Male)
Rusty Blackbird (female? imm.?)
Red-Winged Blackbird (Male)
Shiny Cowbird (Male?)
Brown-Headed Cowbird (Male)
Bullock’s Oriole (Male?)
Eastern Meadowlark
Orchard Oriole (Male?)
Great-Tailed Grackle (Male)
Western Meadowlark

From the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center in the USA:

The decline and future recovery of the rusty blackbird along the South Atlantic Coast.

* Did you know that one of the fastest declining species in North America is the rusty blackbird? Global declines for the past 40 years are estimated to be more than 90 percent.

* Did you know that a sizable portion of the world population—most of the population that breeds in the eastern boreal forest of North American —winters in the flooded woodlands of the Carolinas and Georgia? Regional declines over the past 40 years are estimated to be more than 95 percent.

Much needs to be done to understand the decline and we hope much can still be done to protect and recover the rusty and its habitat while the species is still numerous. So…

Join us for a one-day workshop to discuss our current knowledge and begin to map out a plan for the future.

Bullock’s Oriole: here.

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