Pakistani painters against Musharraf dictatorship and Islamophobia

This video is called U.S. will support Pakistan’s dictatorship.

From the Daily Times in Pakistan:

Paintings speak against doublespeak

By Saadia Khalid

ISLAMABAD: Raising voice against military rule and exploitation of Muslims across the world, Syed Faraz Ali and K B Abro displayed their bold paintings on Friday at the Nomad Art Gallery (NAG).

The two youngsters dared to rebel against the dictatorship, the double standards of the government and Islamophobia in the West. Every piece of their work forcefully conveyed their thoughts about the changing conditions of the world and the unstable political scenario of Pakistan.

Syed Faraz Ali Khan, a bachelor in fine arts, experimented a lot in his work by mixing different media as he camouflaged the screen with oil painting on canvas. …

Khan said he was interested in world politics and social dynamics and had expressed his views about these things through his paintings.

“I am very conscious of the forces prevalent in our society that militate against resilience, truth and beauty and the all-consuming trend of commercialism,” he said. …

His most appealing painting – twin terrorists – has the impressions of Osama bin Laden and the G W Bush.

“The Western world calls bin Laden a terrorist while we call Bush a terrorist and both claims are justified in one way or the other,” he said. …

Paintings of KB Abro were more about the current political situation of the country and he strongly condemned the curbs on media, deposition of judges and imposition of emergency and dictatorship through his paintings.

One of his pieces, in which he painted a dancing girl, strongly opposed the double standards of the government highlighting that the government was striving to promote a softer image of Pakistan and was engaged in killing civilians in Swat and Waziristan at the same time.

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