Rare cicada, rare beetle, in Cornwall, England

Ledra aurita

From Wildlife Extra:

Two unusual finds in Cornwall

November 2007. A local beetle expert, Dr Ian McClenaghan, has found a specimen of one of the UK’s rarest beetles Hypulus quercinus (Quensel) on a Cornwall Wildlife Trust reserve – Cabilla and Redrice Woods. This is the first ever recorded sighting in Cornwall.

Dr McClenaghan said, ‘The species is associated with red rot in dead wood and I am not aware of anyone having spotted it in the UK for a number of years. Probably about one per year is discovered in Britain. …

Meanwhile, further east in the county the Launceston Parish Wildlife Recording Group have made an interesting discovery whilst recording moths in the parish of Lezant. The group has discovered an unusual looking leaf hopper Ledra aurita (Linnaeus).

This is a cicada species.

Leafhoppers use tiny light-absorbing balls to conceal their eggs. The insects produce the antireflective microspheres themselves: here.

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