British New Labour turns financial screws on the elderly

This video is called US Democrats say $1.8 trillion spent on Iraq, Afghan wars.

From British daily News Line:

Friday, 30 November 2007

Labour believes that the elderly must be made to pay

IT has emerged that it is a question of principle for the Labour government that elderly people who are now living in nursing and other homes, and have spent a lifetime paying taxes of one kind or another, must pay for their personal care.

This was the message from Health Secretary Johnson to the House of Commons Health Committee yesterday. This positions the Labour government well to the right of the Scottish National Party government in Scotland.

Johnson argued that the policy differences on health between the Labour and Scottish governments were not due to financial pressures, but was ideological. He explained that the Labour government disagreed with the approach of the Nationalists, who have established that the elderly must have free personal care, and that the government had much more important things to spend the taxpayers’ money on.

Yeah, right; like spend it on George W. Bush’s and Tony Blair’s wars in Iraq and elsewhere

New Labour financial scandals: here.

UK’s biggest arms projects are £3.5bn over budget: here.

6 thoughts on “British New Labour turns financial screws on the elderly

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