US economic adviser Hubbard leaves Bush’s sinking ship

This video from the USA is called: Is Bush an “Idiot”?

And in the USA, the rats keep leaving George W. Bush’s sinking ship.

Reuters reports:

Bush economic adviser Hubbard resigns

By Jeremy Pelofsky

WASHINGTON – Top White House economic adviser Allan Hubbard resigned on Wednesday and will be replaced by his deputy, Keith Hennessey, the latest in a string of departures as President George W. Bush’s term winds down.

His departure comes at a difficult time for the Bush administration, which faces a crisis in the mortgage industry that has led to an increase in housing foreclosures as well as jittery global stock and currency markets.

The Reuters story does not mention whether Allan Hubbard is in any way related to L. Ron Hubbard, the infamous founder of Scientology.

However, it seems even people like that have enough intelligence to see that George W. Bush’s ship is sinking.

Also on Alan Hubbard: here.

15 December 2007: Two more rats fleeing the Bush/Cheney ship. But we’re still stuck with Bush & Cheney: here.

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