Musharraf dictatorship sends Pakistanis to secret prisons for US taxpayers’ dollars

This video, made in the British Parliament, is called George Galloway – restoration of democracy in Pakistan 1/3.

From its description at YouTube:

Tony Blair, in november 2006, paid tribute to Musharraf for:

“symbolising the future for Muslim countries the world over.”

Poor Muslim countries then, ‘the world over’ suffering from cruel dictators …

From AndhraNews in India:

Musharraf regime sending Pakistanis to secret prisons for US bounty

Islamabad, Nov 28 : The Pakistan Government‘s mass arrest of terror suspects is being done for bounty worth thousand of dollars, Amnesty International fears.

“Mass arrests of terror suspects – often for bounties of thousands of dollars – have led to detainees being taken away to the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay [see also here] in Cuba, transferred to secret CIA detention centers, unlawfully transferred to other countries or held in arbitrary and often secret detention in Pakistan itself,” Amnesty reported this month.

“Pakistan’s involvement in the U.S.-led ‘war on terror’ has been characterized by widespread violations of human rights,” it added.

According to USA Today, Masood Janjua who left his home for three days never came back. On July 30, 2005 he slipped into a black hole of secret prisons and interrogations. His wife has not seen him since.

Pakistan: Clash between Musharraf and Bhutto a “farce”, says Bhutto niece: here.

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