New caecilian amphibians discovered in India

This video says about itself:

Baby caecilians feeding

As posted on Some caecilian species shed a special nutrient-rich skin shortly after giving birth to feed their young. This may be the closest any amphibian comes to producing “milk” for its young.

From The Hindu in India:

Researchers discover new species of legless amphibian

New Delhi (PTI): Zoologists claimed to have discovered a new species of legless amphibian in northern Karnataka which vacates its marshy habitat at the slightest hint of pollution.

Two independent researchers who teamed up with scientists from the Zoological Survey of India came across the unique species at the Mahadayi Wildlife Sanctuary which falls in the biodiversity-rich Western Ghats region. …

A new species of caecilian, a legless amphibian, has been named Gegeneophis mhadeiensis. It is described on the basis of three specimens collected from the surroundings of Rameshwar temple in Chorla village of Belgaum district. The locality is situated adjacent to the Mahadayi Wildlife Sanctuary.

The creature feeds in earthworms and other decaying material and helps enriching the soil, Bhatta said.

Related species: see here.

7 thoughts on “New caecilian amphibians discovered in India

  1. Rains bring wildlife to Indian runway

    NEW DELHI, June 18 2008 (UPI) — New Delhi’s “cats and dogs” rains forced a menagerie, from lizards to jackals, onto the Indian capital’s airport runway, delaying several flights.

    Seeking refuge from the torrential rains, the soaked interlopers, which also included raptors and 3-foot-long monitor lizards, refused to budge from the warm and dry tarmac at Indira Gandhi International Airport Monday until forcibly evicted by animal rescue teams.

    Dozens of flights were delayed, CNN reported. The monsoon rains have arrived early this year in the region.

    Airport spokesman Arun Arora said the runway had to be shut down until animal rescuers had moved all the squatters to more natural habitats, the CNN report said.

    “The runway is the only safe area. So they come out,” said Kartik Satyanarayan with the wildlife conservation group.

    Arora could not estimate how many flights were delayed, noting, “(The) numbers are speculative as it is difficult to attribute delays to bad weather, strong winds, birds or animals.”

    Satyanarayan assured, “The monitor lizards — they look frightening but they are harmless animals. But they can grow about 3 to 4 feet long. And at the velocity a plane lands, the (lizards) can still cause damage.”


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