Nirvana unplugged DVD, after 14 years

This is a music video, of Nirvana unplugged.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Fourteen years was worth the wait

(Friday 23 November 2007)

DVD: Nirvana – Unplugged in New York DVD

IT took 14 years, but it was certainly worth the wait. At last, Universal has had the sense to release Nirvana‘s seminal Unplugged performance.

Unlike the others in the Unplugged series, which once inexplicably featured the Corrs, the original grungers had the guts to deliver a set of mostly cover versions, with next to no hits.

The best aspect of the DVD is having no camera editing and advert cutaways. Thus we see all the funny between-song banter and can soak up all of Kurt Cobain‘s subtle charisma. But, if you still fancy the original and more polished MTV cut, then that too is included as an extra.

2 thoughts on “Nirvana unplugged DVD, after 14 years

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