Bush’s Australian buddy Howard loses elections

This video is called [Australian Howard] Government admits oil is the reason for war in Iraq.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, George W. Bush’s Australian buddy John Howard has lost the general election by a landslide.

The current prediction by the ABC is: 86 seats for the main opposition, the Australian Labor Party; 62 seats for Howard’s coalition of Liberal and National parties; and two seats for other, so far, opposition parties. Probably, Howard himself will not even be re-elected to his own seat. Then, he would not even be an opposition MP; a real humiliation.

Opposition leader, now probably soon the new Prime Minister, Labor leader Kevin Rudd, has said that part of the Australian soldiers will now return from Iraq. That, of course, would be better than Howard’s slavish pro-Bush policy. However, that still would not be the complete withdrawal from Iraq which there should be. Also, Rudd’s statements about maybe increasing Australian troops in Afghanistan as a compensation to Bush sound far from reassuring.

So, there is still very much need for an independent peace movement in Australia. Similarly, on other issues; like climate change (see also here), on which Rudd has promised to do better than Howard’s Bushist denialist policies.

See also here.

2 thoughts on “Bush’s Australian buddy Howard loses elections

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