Biggest thresher shark ever, caught off English coast

This video says about itself:

Thresher Shark

[Location] Monad Shoal, Malapascua, Philippines.
[Date] July 29, 2006.
[Time] 7:00 a.m.
[Depth] 25 m

From Wildlife Extra:

Biggest Thresher Shark ever, caught off Cornish Coast

Thresher shark records

* Heaviest – World Angling Record – 348 KG 1983 in New Zealand. One of 363.8 kg (802 lb) caught in New Zealand in 1981 was not accepted for a record because of the way it was caught.
* Said to have been some caught of over 900 lb ( 409 kg) but no definite weights.
* A related Bigeye Thresher was caught in Hawaii earlier this year (30th March 2007) which weighed 952 lb (433 kg), but again while this was a Hawaiian record, it was not accepted for an international angling record.
* Longest – Known to grow to 573 cm (18’ 9”), though there have been claims of 600 or 610 cm (20’).

Roger Nowell, skipper of an inshore trawler was out fishing in the English Channel to the south of the Land’s End peninsula when on his echo sounder he spotted a shoal of scad (or horse mackerel) near to the bottom. He shot his trawl, and hauled up a surprise catch, for amongst the fish was a large thresher shark.

It was a female Common Thresher shark. Thresher sharks are one of the largest of the 28 types of sharks found in British waters. They are not common but are caught from time to time around our coasts, especially in the central Channel and off the coasts of Devon and Cornwall. However when it was landed at Newlyn Fish Market it was found to weigh a monstrous 510 kg (1122 lb); making it one of the heaviest thresher sharks ever caught anywhere in the world and the second giant from Cornish waters in a few weeks.

The world angling record for the Common Thresher is a mere 348 kg, though larger ones are known to have been caught possibly weighing more than 450 kg. Although few records are kept of those caught by commercial fishing vessels. However at half a tonne this is an amazing fish. The Cornish shark was a female and remarkably stout. It may prove on gutting to have been pregnant or to have been feeding well and stored lots of energy in its liver. These sharks have between two and four young at a time each around 150 cm and 6 kg in weight.

It was by no means the longest ever caught at 475 cm (15 foot 10 inches), as they can grow to 573 cm (18’ 9”) and have been said to reach 610 cm (20’). In fact, one of the first sharks ever recorded in Britain was a seventeen foot thresher, which was caught between Calais and Dover in 1569, (and subsequently went on show in Fleet Street, London).

Over 50 percent of Mediterranean sharks and rays threatened with extinction: here.

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