US millionaire Trump threatens Scottish wildlife

This is a video of a a long billed curlew feeding.

And this video is called Call of the long billed curlew.

From British daily The Guardian:

Following the local council’s approval of Donald Trump’s £1bn golf course project in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the habitat of these species of birds and butterflies is threatened.

These species on photos there are: northern lapwing; pink-footed geese; long-billed curlew; golden plover; small phoenix moth; garden tiger moth; white ermine moth; grayling great banded butterfly; small heath butterfly.

July 2013. RSPB Scotland has condemned a Court of Session ruling which has cleared Scottish Coal and Aardvark of their legal duties to control pollution from opencast mines and restore the land after mining: here.

2 thoughts on “US millionaire Trump threatens Scottish wildlife

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