The US government, women, and art in Pakistan and Iraq

This 16 October 2016 video says about itself:

SAIRA WASIM is today’s leading modern miniaurist artist. Her work is socio-political and addresses issues of identity, nationality, culture. She has exhibited at Whitney Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Venice Biennale etc. This is her first museum in Pakistan exclusively at Unicorn Gallery. Exhibition inaugurated by professor Salima Hashmi, Professor Bashir Ahmed, Prof. Saeed Akhtar at Unicorn Gallery 32-B-2, Main Gulberg, Lahore.

From Internet Weekly in the USA:

The Art of Saira Wasim

Saira Wasim is a contemporary Pakistani artist, who specializes in political and cultural art. Her Silent Voices 1 painting for example is dedicated to the sexually abused baby girls in Pakistan, who have no voice in that country (our so-called ally).

One of the great tragedies of this damn war in Iraq is that women had it better under Saddam Hussein than they do with our so-called ‘friends’. I think I’ll head over to Berkeley this week and check out Ms. Wasim’s One Way or Another: Asian American Art Now Exhibit at BAM/PFA.

Saira Wasim, Demockery

Women in Iraq: here.

2 thoughts on “The US government, women, and art in Pakistan and Iraq

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