New butterfly species for Texas, USA

This video from the USA is called One-spotted Prepona discovery at NABA Park, Texas.

From the Valley Morning Star in Texas, USA:

New butterflies observed in Upper Valley


A couple of winged visitors have butterfly watchers all aflutter.

Two different types of butterflies that had not been previously recorded in the United States were spotted over the weekend in the Upper Rio Grande Valley: the Guatemalan Leafwing, found in Falcon Heights in Starr County, and the One-spotted Prepona, found in Mission.

Temperate weather and growing number of gardens providing the insects with food and shelter in the area could be why the butterflies decided to venture farther north than usual.

Or it could just be that there are more butterfly watchers.

When their wings are raised, the Leafwing and the Prepona look dull, like dead leaves. But the upper portions of their wings have radiant blue streaks.

They’re usually found in forested areas of Mexico and Central America and are not usually spotted near flowers, said Mike Quinn, an invertebrate biologist with the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s wildlife diversity program.

UK butterflies: here.

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