Dutch student finds unknown ancient Egyptian grave

Tell-el-Amarna map

Translated from Dutch web zine Groninger Internet Courant:

Groningen student finds tomb in Egypt

A student of botanical archeology of Groningen university, Jeroen van Rooij, during a trip for study in Egypt accidentally found a still unknown tomb.

The tomb was probably made for a rich Egyptian from the eighteenth dynasty period, about 1400 BCE, Van Rooij states from Egypt.

The student found the tomb as he and three others during a desert trek stopped below a small hill.

When Van Rooij climbed the hill, he found four deep holes on top.

One of these holes turned out to lead to a big tomb.

Van Rooij and his companions, accompanied by Egyptian officials whom they had warned, then went inside the tomb.

It turned out it consisted of eight rooms, including two big ones.

No valuable relics were found.

The chambers had probably already been robbed during the economic crisis during the 21st dynasty, the discoverer suspects.

Van Rooij describes the discovery as a ‘bizarre, but tremendous expereience’.

Article on animal mummy fraud in ancient Egypt: here.

KV63, recent discovery in the Valley of Kings:: flowers found.

New evidence of a sick, deprived population working under harsh conditions contradicts earlier images of wealth and abundance from the art records of the ancient Egyptian city of Tell el-Amarna, a study has found: here.

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