Octopus vs. moray eel. New sea slug species

This is a video of an octopus vs. a green moray eel (filmed near the coast of Belize; see also here).

New Species of Moray Eel discovered in the Red Sea: here.

A genetic survey shows very little structure to moray eel populations in the Indo-Pacific. How, then, did 150 species of eel arise there? Here.

Talking about marine life; from the Taipei Times:

Marine researcher discovers new species of sea slug

By Kuo Fang-chi

A new species of sea slug was discovered last month off the coast of Green Island by Taiwanese marine biologist Chen Ming-huei. It has been temporarily nicknamed “little strawberry” until an official name can be determined. …

Chen reportedly set a new record by finding more than 30 species of sea slugs native to Green Island during his survey.

To confirm his finding, Chen sent an e-mail to a sea slug expert, Richard Willan — the curator of molluscs at the Northern Territories Museum in Darwin, Australia.

Willan confirmed that “little strawberry,” a type of nudibranch, which belongs to the Trotonia species, was a new discovery.

According to this comment, the name of the genus (not: species) of this new species should be Tritonia, not Trotonia.

Nudibranchs and flatworms in Indonesia: here.

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