Interview with doctor Rebecca Gomperts, of pro choice ‘Women on Waves’

This video from the USA says about itself:

President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, Nancy Keenan speaks as part of the Women@Google series. NARAL is a pro-choice organization that opposes restrictions on abortion and promotes women’s reproductive rights.

From British daily The Guardian:

The abortion ship’s doctor

Dutch doctor Rebecca Gomperts has caused huge controversy by providing abortions for women in countries where the procedure is illegal – by treating them on a ship anchored in international waters. Julie Ferry meets her

Rebecca Gomperts, abortion doctor and activist, arrives straight from Heathrow, dressed in a smart suit, a big smile lighting up her girlish face. She is stopping off briefly en route to another engagement – a special screening of the film Vera Drake. She isn’t keen. “I’ve seen it lots of times,” she sighs, adding mischievously: “I’m going to try to get out of it.”

The event has been organised to tie in with the 40th anniversary of the 1967 abortion act, which is also the reason Gomperts, 41, is in Britain. She is the founder of Women on Waves (WoW), a radical Dutch organisation that sails an “abortion ship” to countries where the procedure is illegal, before taking women out to the safety of international waters to provide terminations.

If Men Could Get Pregnant, Abortion Would be a Sacrament, by Erica Jong: here.

DUTCH DOCTOR SUES TO PRESCRIBE ABORTION PILLS A Dutch doctor who prescribes abortion pills to American women online is suing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration after she said the medications were seized in the U.S. mail. Her suit also says payments for the drugs had been blocked. [HuffPost]

3 thoughts on “Interview with doctor Rebecca Gomperts, of pro choice ‘Women on Waves’

  1. Posted by: “frankofbos”

    Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:06 pm (PST)

    Illogical Bush Admin Moves Likely Increase the Number of Abortions –
    Bush History, 11/18

    On this date in ’06, people react to the illogical Bush appointment of
    an anti-contraception ‘pseudoscience’ practicing doctor to head federal
    family planning efforts, a move that is paralleled in 2008. Strange
    moves perhaps for the anti-abortion Bush White House, given that this
    likely increases abortions. Also, unkind words for Bush Jr from Bush
    Sr’s White House Chief of Staff.

    Today’s category: Ignoring Experts, Manipulating Research, The
    Evangelical’s Tool


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