Death penalty for trade unionist in Musharraf’s Pakistan?

This is a video against the Musharraf dictatorship by Pakistani poet Javed Javed.

From Asian Food Worker:

Pakistan: Trade Unionist Faces Death Penalty on Treason Charge; Military Readies Sham Courts to Rubber-Stamp Dictatorship and Quell Democratic Dissent

In a series of disturbing incidents, following the imposition of emergency rule, Pakistan’s military rulers are seeking to quell all democratic dissent by giving the army wide ranging powers to bring people before military courts and threatening the death penalty against activists. Liaquat Ali Shah, one of the leaders of the solidarity campaign for the Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel Trade Union, and a trade union leader in his own right at the State Bank of Pakistan, has been charged with treason, an offence which carries the death penalty.

On 5th November, after speaking at the Karachi Press Club and calling for the return to democracy in Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Shah, along with four others, was arrested and charged with treason. These arrests have occurred along with hundreds, possibly thousands, of others across the country which have targeted trade unionists, political leaders, activists, journalists and lawyers who provide high profile support to the campaign to restore democracy in Pakistan.

The charges of treason mark a new level of intimidation. The implicit violence carried via the potential death sentence of a treason charge is designed to threaten all democracy activists.

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Pakistani students against Musharraf: here.

Pakistan’s nuclear weapons: here.

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