Big new butterfly species discovered in Mexico

This is called Blue Morpho and Owl Butterfly. ‘Video of these two beautiful species taken at the Gainesville Butterfly Rain Forest’.

From Wildlife Extra:

New butterfly discovered in Mexico, naming rights being auctioned

October 2007. University of Florida researchers George Austin and Andrew Warren discovered the new species of owl butterfly earlier this year. The discovery is significant because the species is large and colourful, and is the first butterfly from this group to be discovered in more than 100 years. Most newly discovered species are small and unremarkable because the more noticeable ones were discovered long ago.

‘It is extraordinarily uncommon for such a large, showy butterfly to have escaped detection until now,’ said Warren, a post-doctoral associate at the Florida Museum’s McGuire Centre for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity. ‘This will probably be one of the last times such a large and beautiful butterfly is named.’

‘We realized this striking discovery represents an exceptional opportunity to raise funds for continued research on Mexican butterflies, by allowing rights to the species-level name to be auctioned,’ said Austin, who is the McGuire Center collections manager.

Naming rights auction

In an apparent first for butterflies, the Florida Museum of Natural History will auction the naming rights for a newly discovered species online to raise money for butterfly research. In what is believed to be the first time naming rights for a new butterfly species have been auctioned online in North America, the winning bidder will determine the species name following the public auction at, which ends on Nov. 2. …

The new owl species belongs to the Opsiphanes group. It has a wingspan of about 4 inches and a beautiful orange color, and lives in the Sonoran Desert in north-western Mexico. …

The naming rights to other animal species have been successfully auctioned. In 2005, the Wildlife Conservation Society auctioned the rights to name a new species of monkey discovered in Bolivia for $650,000.

In September, an auction of rights to name 10 newly discovered fish species raised more than $2 million for conservation efforts in eastern Indonesia, setting a record for this type of event. Prices for the naming rights ranged from $500,000 for a Hemiscyllium shark from Cendrawasih Bay to $50,000 for the Pseudanthias fairy basslet.

The Madeiran large white has been declared the first butterfly in Europe to be driven into extinction as a result of the impact of mankind: here.


Anti racism music free download

This is a music video of the song BIRD FLU, by M.I.A.

At the site of the British organization Love Music Hate Racism, there is a free download of music.

Many artists there, including M.I.A., Babyshambles, and Manu Chao.

When Sri Lankan-born Tamil musician M.I.A.’s Maya finally arrived in July, it predictably polarised critics. The past few years have seen a wide array of roles foisted on M.I.A. Indie fans rejoiced when Kala carried her to the greatest heights of pop stardom. That this success loosely coincided with the exposure of Sri Lanka’s murderous policy against the ethnic Tamil population necessarily turned the militantly vocal Arulpragasam into something of a spokesperson: here.

Bush’s allies in Somalia kill yet more civilians

This video from Canada says about itself: ‘Stop Attacks on Somalia. Audio Slideshow of rally and demonstration held outside the US Embassy in Toronto’.

By Brian Smith and Chris Talbot:

Ethiopia steps up military occupation of Mogadishu

By Brian Smith and Chris Talbot

12 November 2007

A brutal clampdown by the United States-backed Ethiopian forces occupying Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, has resulted in the deaths of more than 70 civilians and up to 200 wounded.

The killings were reprisals carried out since last Thursday after bodies of dead Ethiopian soldiers were dragged through the streets by Somali insurgents and their supporters. According to the BBC, Ethiopian forces fired cannon shells into an area in the south of Mogadishu, where insurgent militias are supposedly based. “Most of the dead are civilians, killed by shells fired into markets and residential areas,” said the BBC’s reporter. Hospitals are said to be overflowing with badly injured people.

Somalia demo in London: ‘We want our country back’: here.

Bush reaffirms support for Pakistani dictator Musharraf as repression intensifies

This video from Pakistan says about itself: ‘Musharraf Parody. A student in an educational institute plays the role of Musharraf.’

By Joe Kay:

Bush reaffirms support for Musharraf as Pakistani dictator intensifies military repression

12 November 2007

President George Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice [see also here] reaffirmed US support for Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf over the weekend, even as the general stepped up the mass repression he launched with the imposition of de facto martial law on November 3.

At a Sunday morning press conference, Musharraf announced that elections would be held in early January, but indicated that emergency rule and the suspension of the Pakistani constitution would continue indefinitely, likely through the election period itself. Bush, Rice and other US officials have hailed Musharraf’s plan to hold sham elections while political dissent is banned, independent newspapers are suppressed and thousands of political opponents remain in prison a “welcome” step toward democracy.

Ring-necked parakeet in a tree

This video from Israel says about itself: ‘Gili the cat found the nest of the Ring-necked Parakeet (darara), but can he cope with the rest of the gang… mobbing him?’

Today, on my way to the library, a ring-necked parakeet flying past. Then, it sat down in a horse-chestnut tree; which had already lost most of its leaves after autumn storms.