Saakashvili, the Musharraf of Georgia

In this video, ‘people have gathered in Georgia‘s capital Tbilisi for a mass opposition rally against President Mikhail Saakashvili.’

Saakashvili, president of Georgia, seems to be inspired by his colleague in Pakistan, General Musharraf.

A pal of George W. Bush, like Musharraf, Saakashvili has declared a state of emergency. He does not like the idea of elections, demanded by the opposition.

From Dutch NOS TV:

This morning, the police harshly suppressed demonstrations, held ever since six days ago before the parliament building in [the capital of Georgia] Tbilisi. The opposition reproaches president Saakashvili with abuse of power and oppression of opponents.

On TV, Saakashvili accused Russia of being behind the unrest.

The classical trick this of dictators, from the French butchers in Versailles of the Paris Commune in 1871, to Burma and Pakistan today: blame ‘foreigners’ and/or foreign countries, in order to be in denial about domestic problems caused by Messrs. the dictators themselves.

From Al Jazeera:

Shortly after Saakashvili’s statement, the main opposition television station Imedi, which had broadcast coverage of the protests, said it had been stormed by Georgian special forces, before going off the air.

From Reuters:

Economic Development Minister Georgy Arveladze said all independent television news programs would be stopped …

From Dutch NOS TV:

One of the victims [of police brutality] was the Georgian ombudsman for human rights, Sozar Subari. “I said I was there for human rights; yet still they beat the hell out of me. They replied that [my being for human rights] was especially their reason [why they beat me].”

See also here.

Pakistan update 10 November: here.

Georgia update 17 November 2007: here.

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