Yet more dictatorship by Bush’s pal Musharraf in Pakistan

This video is called Musharraf Bush Friendship.

From British weekly The Observer:

‘Desperate’ Musharraf declares martial law

· Pakistan’s president acts against rivals
· Britain expresses ‘grave concern’

Declan Walsh in Islamabad

Sunday November 4, 2007

Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf imposed emergency rule last night, plunging the nuclear power into crisis and triggering condemnation from leaders around the world.

The action to reassert his flagging authority was, he said, a response to Islamic militancy and to the ‘paralysis of government by judicial interference’. He said that his country’s sovereignty was at stake.

True in itself, Mr dictator. Mainly through your connection to George W. Bush, however.

Judges and lawyers were arrested, troops poured on to city streets and television and radio stations were taken off the air. Musharraf also suspended the constitution and fired the chief justice, Muhammad Iftikhar Chaudhry, who spearheaded a powerful mass movement against him earlier this year.

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From a BBC report:

Pakistani lawyers, who have lead opposition to recent curbs on the Supreme Court by Gen Musharraf, announced they would strike on Monday in protest at the president’s decision.

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From AFP:

Ousted Pakistan judge urges anti-Musharraf uprising

06/11/2007 14h08

Pakistani policemen beat and arrest a lawyer outside a court
©AFP – Arif Ali

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s sacked chief justice urged people to “rise up” against President Pervez Musharraf’s emergency rule Tuesday, as the government ignored a global outcry and cracked down on fresh protests.

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“U.S. Complicit” in Pakistan Suppression Says Jailed Dissident: here.

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10 thoughts on “Yet more dictatorship by Bush’s pal Musharraf in Pakistan

  1. ILPS condemns Musharraf’s declaration of emergency rule

    and supports the just struggle of the people of Pakistan

    By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

    Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee

    International League of Peoples’ Struggle

    6 November 2007

    The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) condemns the declaration of emergency rule by Pakistan’s military ruler Gen. Pervez Musharraf and the further entrenchment of barefaced fascist dictatorship on the people of Pakistan. We support the just struggle of the people of Pakistan for national and social liberation against the Musharraf fascist regime and its US imperialist master.

    Gen. Musharraf has faced strong opposition the past months with a broad array of forces ranged against him. He has been able to weather past challenges to his rule only because of his control over the military and because of US support. George W. Bush considers Musharraf a key ally in the US global “war on terror” and continues to praise him as his partner in spreading “freedom”.

    Pakistan’s 610,000-member military is the eighth largest in the world. It has an annual expenditure of $2.435 billion, nearly 3% of Pakistan’s GDP. In the three years after 9/11, US military aid to Pakistan soared to $4.2 billion, compared to $9.1 million in the three years before the attacks. The total value of all American aid, including military, economic, and development assistance, to Pakistan since 9/11 is estimated at more than $10 billion. Pakistan now ranks third after Israel and Egypt among the biggest recipients of US aid.

    The Bush-Musharraf tandem has meant the malicious use of the anti-terrorism slogan in order to justify the worst kinds of terrorism: the US-NATO war of aggression

    in Afghanistan and substantial parts of Pakistan and the state terrorism of the Musharraf regime against the Pakistani people.

    Gen. Musharraf has allowed the U.S. to use Pakistan’s bases in anti-terrorism operations and to attack Pakistani communities, shared intelligence, helped identify and arrest suspected terrorists, and tightened the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan by deploying up to 80,000 Pakistani troops.

    Among the broad masses of the people, there is widespread sentiment against and opposition to Musharraf’s puppetry to US imperialism particularly in connection with the US “war on terror”. This has served to stimulate the rise of a broad range of opposition forces, including the Islamic, the bourgeois democratic and the revolutionary.

    Since the 1999 coup that put him in power, Musharraf has ruled with an iron fist. He has constantly tormented the bourgeois opposition. He has put many of them behind bars without charges where they are maltreated and tortured. Journalists critical of the government have been harassed, threatened, arrested and detained. The government has banned and disrupted anti-government rallies and demonstrations since October 2000.

    More than one-third of the Pakistani population of 160 million live below the poverty line —13 percent survive on less than $1 a day. Many people in the rural areas are impoverished peasants living in mud houses. Because of their dire economic situation and the political repression, the masses have grown very restive. The social unrest has emboldened the broad range of opposition to challenge his authoritarian rule.

    In March 2007, Musharraf removed chief justice Iftakar Mohammed Chaudhry from office. He took punitive action against Chaudhry for deciding to hear cases involving disappearances of people detained by the notorious intelligence agencies, as well as constitutional challenges to Musharraf’s rule. Street demonstrations protesting Chaudhry’s ouster led to Chaudhry’s reinstatement in July.

    Wishing to reverse the ever worsening internal political turmoil in the whole of Pakistan, coincident with the resurgence of the Taliban and the anti-imperialist forces in the Afghan-Pakistani border areas, the US has pushed the formula of keeping Musharraf as “civilian” president, making him resign from the position of chief of staff of the armed forces, holding parliamentary elections in January next year and making Benazir Bhutto his prime minister.

    But like any puppet Musharraf has relative autonomy from his imperialist master and wants to secure his autocratic power against his actual and potential rivals and uses to his advantage the increasingly difficult position of the US in Iraq and Afghanistan and its desperate need for a brutal puppet like him. It is all a matter of hypocrisy for the US government to pretend being for a democratic Pakistan while in fact the US needs state terrorism in Pakistan to support the US war of aggression, especially in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan.

    The declaration of emergency rule shows Musharraf’s determination to keep his despotic power at all costs. The illusion of democracy that the US wishes to conjure in Pakistan is dispelled by martial rule, the suspension of the constitution and the replacement of the Supreme Court by a set of Musharaff appointees. These aggravate the political oppression and economic exploitation of the broad masses of the people. But these also result in favorable conditions for the people’s struggle for national and social revolution and the rise of revolutionary forces against US imperialism and the local reactionary forces.

    All freedom-loving peoples of the world must condemn the unbridled state terrorism and barefaced fascist dictatorship of Musharraf as well as the continuing policy of the US to prop up the widely detested Musharraf regime and condone all its fascist crimes in line with the overriding US policy of aggression and plunder in South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East.

    The people of Pakistan deserve all possible moral and political support for their just revolutionary resistance for national liberation and democracy against US imperialism and the Musharraf fascist regime, the religious fundamentalists and other rabid reactionaries.###


  2. Statement from the International Action Center

    The International Action Center condemns the ongoing U.S. support for the brutal military dictatorship of Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan.

    Musharraf, who first seized power in a 1999 coup, has declared martial law in a desperate attempt to bolster his faltering dictatorship. Opposition leaders have been arrested. Peaceful political meetings have been raided. All international and private news channels have been shut down, with only the state-owned stations allowed to remain on the air.

    Musharraf’s attempt to silence dissent has failed. Every day, more and more of the people of Pakistan are taking to the streets, despite the ominous presence and brutality of the U.S.-armed troops.

    Meanwhile, Washington is desperately exploring its options to maintain control over the government of Pakistan. For eight years, the U.S. government has depended on Musharraf as an ally in Washington’s crusade to dominate the region and crush national liberation movements.

    But now, with the resistance in Iraq continuing and with the refusal of Iran to bow to the demands of Washington, popular movements opposing the U.S. agenda have gained new confidence. Musharraf now faces the real possibility of being overthrown by forces who oppose his collaborationist policies.

    Some in the Bush Administration may be looking to Benazir Bhutto as a solution to their problem. Before the declaration of martial law, the U.S. attempted to force Musharraf to accept a power-sharing deal with Benazir Bhutto, a billionaire former prime minister who was ousted for corruption. This deal was engineered, in part, by National Intelligence Director John Negroponte, former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq and one of the people responsible for the death squad campaigns against the people of El Salvador and Nicaragua in the 1980’s.

    The International Action Center calls for the immediate end of all U.S. support for the brutal Musharraf dictatorship. We call for the complete withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the region, including neighboring Afghanistan.

    We join with working people all over the world in expressing our solidarity with the people of Pakistan in their struggle against the U.S.-imposed dictatorship.

    Stop U.S. Aid to Musharraf!

    Hands Off Pakistan!

    U.S. Out of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq!


  3. April 24, 2008, 6:25AM

    Pakistan protests Afghan border skirmish

    © 2008 The Associated Press

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The foreign ministry says Pakistan has protested to NATO and Afghan authorities over a skirmish that killed at least nine people.

    In a pre-dawn battle Wednesday, militants attacked an Afghan border post across from Pakistan’s Bajur tribal area. During the melee, Pakistani and Afghan troops also traded fire.

    A Pakistani soldier and at least eight suspected militants died.

    On Thursday, 1st Lt. Richard Ulsh, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan, said NATO forces provided small arms fire and air support to Afghan forces.

    Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammed Sadiq says NATO and Afghan forces were told not to repeat such incidents.

    He said the clash involved “intrusion of our border post.”


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