Iraqis challenge imprisonment by British forces

This video is about ‘the status of women in Iraqi prisons currently under US occupation. A report by Arwa Damon for CNN.’

From British daily The Guardian:

Iraqis challenge Britain’s right to detain them indefinitely

Richard Norton-Taylor

Saturday November 3, 2007

The fate of more than 60 Iraqis being held by British forces is in the balance after hearings this week before the law lords of potentially huge significance for the conduct of future international military operations abroad.

The little-noticed hearings were brought by lawyers acting for Hilal al-Jedda, who has dual British-Iraqi nationality and is one of 62 individuals detained indefinitely by British troops in Basra. British military commanders say he is a security risk.

Mr Jedda came to Britain as an asylum seeker in 1992. He says he returned to Iraq after the fall of Saddam to see his family and friends and introduce his wife to them. His lawyers say it is not surprising he knew people suspected of being insurgents, but that does not mean he was in any way involved in planning a terrorist attack.

Mr Jedda has been held without trial for three years despite the European human rights convention, which states that all those held must be brought before a court to be tried or released. The British courts recently ruled that the convention covers British forces operating abroad in situations over which they have control.

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