Karen Hughes, the latest rat to leave George W. Bush’s sinking ship

This video from the USA is about Karen Hughes.

By Nicole Belle, on Crooks and Liars blog in the USA:

Another One Bites The Dust: Karen Hughes Resigns

You know, normally, the burn-out factor in Washington DC is pretty high, so seeing turnover towards the end of a second term is hardly surprising. But what did give me pause is the way that this departure was framed by MSNBC:

Secretary Condoleezza Rice [see also here] said goodbye to Karen Hughes this morning at the State Department, ending Hughes’ two-and-a-half years in charge of America’s public diplomacy. Hughes will officially be off the job in mid-December. …

Hughes has remained largely behind the scenes after her first high-profile inaugural trip to the Middle East in 2005, dubbed as a “listening tour.” With 16 reporters in tow, Hughes was caught off guard at nearly every city stop. She was attacked about the Iraq war by Turkish women leaders …”

For those keeping score, that means 8 out of the 9 Texan Bushie loyalists has packed their bags and gone home.

Karen Hughes update, March 2008: here.

‘NYT’ Reporter’s Condi Book Will Reveal ‘Conflicts’ With Cheney: here.

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