British police found guilty over killing of innocent Brazilian Menezes

This video is called Why – Dedicated to Jean Charles de Menezes.

From the BBC:

Police guilty over Menezes case

London’s Metropolitan police force has been found guilty of endangering the public over the fatal shooting of a man officers mistook for a suicide bomber.

The force broke health and safety laws when officers pursued Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes to a Tube station and shot him seven times, a jury found.

It was fined £175,000 with £385,000 costs over the 22 July 2005 shooting. …

Mr de Menezes‘s relatives said they wanted to see a “full and thorough” inquest into the electrician’s death.

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Archive on De Menezes from The Guardian: here.

De Menezes was killed in a climate of ‘terrorism’ scare; which George W. Bush still tries to inflame today.

Update 8 November 2007: here.

Update 9 November 2007: here.

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Another London police scandal: here.

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