French president Sarkozy more than doubles his own income

This video from the USA says about itself: ‘French President Nicolas Sarkozy walks out of an interview with US CBS television news show 60 Minutes’.

From Dutch NOS TV:

31 October 2007

The French president Sarkozy gets [that is, gives himself; paid by the tax payers] a salary incease of 140%. Now, he gets 7700 euro a month; that will become 19,000 euro.

Very typical for a president who is pushing for lower wages and worse conditions for French workers, with big strikes against him as results …

Sarkozy visits Morocco: here.

4 thoughts on “French president Sarkozy more than doubles his own income

  1. european right for everybody,even duch (political)elite did it.
    And justice for all.
    But the Prime minister pay still higher,Advantages are better at L’elysee than at matignon.
    it is a tie,the’ll play again, and we all will watch and applause..
    Btw,the strikes are nothing but illusion,it won’t help,the machine is way on the run(beserk),logically besrk reaction are to be expected.
    the time of words are gone my friend,we need direct action


  2. Hi gaf, maybe the strikes right now in themselves are not enough. However, I still think they are a better base to build from than if workers would react to Sarkozy’s plans passively, sitting at home watching television.


  3. i understand their move but i don’t see the light,people are not solidairs,one strike and only one srike will make the job ,a general one,and a timeless one,the rest is only illusion like the light tube is….


  4. Hi gaf, in cases where there is not enough solidarity with the striking workers, it is the task of blogs like this one, etc. to expand it. I understand your point about a general strike. However, people who never in their lives had anything to do with a sectoral or other non-general strike, as participants or as sympathizers, are less likely to suddenly start a general strike. People have to learn through experience, which probably wil not always start at the highest level. Like you can hardly expect people to make breakthrough discoveries in mathematics, if they have never learned simple stuff like adding, multiplying, etc.


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