Australian ski resorts threaten alpine marsupial

Mountain pygmy possum, Photo by E. Rotherham © Museum Victoria

From Cosmos magazine:

Ski resorts threaten alpine marsupial

Monday, 29 October 2007

SYDNEY: Australia’s only marsupial that hibernates under a blanket of snow has been pushed towards extinction by the development of ski resorts.

A new study reveals that the endangered mountain pygmy possum (Burramys parvus) has been threatened by resort development at Mount Buller, in the state of Victoria, and not bushfires or climate change as previously suspected.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University, also in Melbourne, details the most rapid loss of genetic diversity ever documented in a mammal. It is published in the British journal Biology Letters.

Video on the mountain pygmy possum: here.

Australian Howard administration and climate change: here.

Leaf fossils discovered high in Australia’s Snowy Mountains have revealed a past history of warmer rainforest vegetation and a lack of snow, in contrast with the alpine vegetation and winter snow-covered slopes of today: here.

3 thoughts on “Australian ski resorts threaten alpine marsupial


    Join Bushfires and Scientists in Condemning Australian Climate Change Policy

    By Ecological Internet’s Climate Ark project
    April 18, 2009


    Australia must stop being a climate change laggard. Given severe drought and massive wildfires, the Rudd Government’s target to reduce carbon emissions by 5% by 2020 is dangerously insufficient.

    The Australian government is failing to establish and implement a rigorous climate change policy adequate to respond to the global climate emergency. The Rudd Government’s emissions trading scheme (ETS) aims to cut emissions by 5 percent by 2020 and 60 percent by 2050. The Government’s cowardly response to its greatest challenge has been explicitly condemned by climate scientists and implicitly condemned by recent climate enhanced devastating bushfires which tragically killed 200 people.

    Australia’s per capita greenhouse gas emissions are among the highest in the world, and their economy is based heavily upon the deadly coal fossil fuel industry which exerts undue political influence. Unsustainable Australian lifestyles including native forest clearing and wasteful water use threaten their continent’s fragile ecosystems, and the drought and intensified bushfires are a precursor of Australian and global ecosystem collapse to come.

    Given imminent strengthened regulation of greenhouse gases in the United States and Europe, it is time for Australia to embrace sufficient climate change policies including committing to ambitious targets that will require ending its use and export of coal, and stopping native forest clearing.




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