US Iraq war profiteer arrested

This video from the USA is called How George W Bush allows war profiteers to make $$$$$$.

From AlterNet in the USA:

One Down: Obscenely Decadent War Profiteer Hauled Off in Handcuffs

By Sarah Anderson. Posted October 26, 2007.

It looks like the party may be over for one corporate crook.

America’s most ostentatious war profiteer is no longer a free man. In a long-anticipated move, FBI agents arrested bulletproof vest maker David H. Brooks in his Manhattan apartment at dawn on Thursday. In the tradition of Al Capone [see also here], Brooks was nabbed on allegations of financial shenanigans, despite strong suspicions that the defense contractor has much more serious crimes on his hands.

Brooks emerged as the poster boy for shameless war profiteering in November of 2005 when he blew some $10 million in profits from military contracts on a celebrity-studded party for his daughter. Leaked details of the bash drew national attention, including a description of Brooks’ pink suede suit and photos of his daughter on stage with the rapper 50 Cent. A New York Times editorial compared Brooks to the ill-fated Marie Antoinette.

And indeed, while Brooks won’t face a guillotine for his greed, he could spend up to 70 years in prison if convicted of all charges. The 71-page indictment (PDF) alleges that while Brooks was chief executive of DHB Industries, a leading provider of military body armor, he pocketed more than $185 million from insider trading, fraud and tax evasion. He is also charged with using millions of dollars in DHB funds for personal expenses.

A sampling of the charges authorities say Brooks concealed from shareholders and the IRS:

* $7,900 for a facelift for Brooks’ wife
* more than $1 million for expenses related to his 100 trotting and breeding horses
* $101,190 for a belt buckle studded with diamonds, rubies and sapphires
* $101,500 for an armored vehicle for his family’s use
* more than $1 million for numerous family vacations, including frequent stays at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and various Caribbean and European villas
* $31,802 to transport one of his daughters and her college friends to Halloween parties in Madison, Wisconsin, using a private jet
* hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonus checks drawn on a DHB bank account handed out by Brooks at a company Christmas party to non-DHB personnel, including his horse trainer
* and of course the predictable $10,000 here, $5,000 there for purchases at Luis Vuitton, Gucci, Gianni Versace, and Prada boutiques around the world

What makes Brooks’ greed particularly obscene is that the bullet-proof vests that boosted his fortunes in the first place turned out to be not so bulletproof after all. In May 2005, the U.S. Marines recalled more than 5,000 DHB armored vests after they failed ballistics tests for stopping 9 mm bullets. As reported in a previous story for AlterNet, the Marine Corps Times revealed that Pentagon officials had dismissed repeated warnings by inspectors about deficiencies in DHB’s vests.

Brooks responded to the news that his company’s products were potentially endangering the lives of U.S. soldiers by taking his family on a Caribbean vacation. According to the indictment, he billed the company more than $100,000 in June 2005 for Learjet transportation and a two-week stay at a St. Johns villa.

In November 2005, the Marines and Army announced a recall of an additional 18,000 DHB vests. But even this news didn’t dampen the mood at Brooks’ infamous $10 million party a few weeks later.

Brooks update, June 2008: here.

Rumsfeld Hit With Torture Lawsuit While In Paris: here.

2 thoughts on “US Iraq war profiteer arrested

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