An Inspector Calls, by JB Priestley

This video is a trailer for An Inspector Calls, by ICSM Drama, 2005.

From London daily The Morning Star:

Lessons to be learnt

(Wednesday 24 October 2007)

An Inspector Calls

The Dukes, Lancaster

GEOFF BOTTOMS explains why An Inspector Calls is still relevant today.

Although this classic psychological thriller can be experienced on many levels, it remains at heart a hard-hitting indictment of capitalism whose unsavoury social consequences JB Priestley believed ultimately lead to war.

As a co-founder of CND, he attributed the causes of the first world war to the disparity caused by the wealth and class divides of British society and the World War II to lessons not being learned.

Set in an industrial town in northern England in 1912, an abrasive and ruthless police inspector by the name of Goole intrudes on an engagement party in the prosperous Birling family home, linking each of them with the suicide of a young working-class woman who was dismissed from the family firm following a strike for higher pay, taken as a mistress to pay the rent and refused charity when found pregnant courtesy of the drunken youngest son.

The action takes place against the background of an Edwardian society in its death-throes and the promise of a better world that never quite materialises, reflecting the hopes and aspirations of the immediate post-war Labour Party victory in 1945.

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