9 thoughts on “Resistance and art,1871 Paris Commune to today’s Iraq war. Part II

  1. U.S. troops stage raid in Sadr City; Iraqi officials say 13 people killed, 42 wounded

    Associated Press – October 21, 2007 5:23 AM ET

    BAGHDAD (AP) – U.S. forces have carried out a raid on the main Shiite district in Baghdad, targeting a militia leader accused in high-profile kidnappings.

    The military says six militants were killed. But Iraqi officials put the toll at 13, including women and children.

    Witnesses say the battle began before dawn and continued for about two hours.

    Associated Press Television News video showed the bodies of 2 toddlers, one with a gouged face, swaddled in blankets on the floor of a hospital morgue. 1 of the children was in diapers. Several houses and shops were damaged, including a bakery.

    The military says troops called in airstrikes after U.S. forces came under fire. A roadside bomb went off as they left the area.

    U.S. commanders also say their initial reports indicate no civilian or coalition casualties.

    Copyright 2007 The Associated Press


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