Iraqi prisoners ‘eye-gauged, mutilated’ by British soldiers

This video from the USA is called Bush responds to media on the torture in the Iraq war.

Priests Protesting Torture Jailed in the USA: here.

From The Courier Mail in Australia:

Iraqi POW bodies ‘eye-gauged, mutilated’

By staff writers

October 18, 2007 05:53pm

THE British military is facing allegations that the bodies of Iraqi prisoners showed evidence of eye-gauging, genital mutilation and hanging.

Hospital workers allegedly reported the signs of torture and murder on the bodies Iraqi insurgents left dead after a gun battle with British troops and Iraqi insurgents three year ago, according to reports from UK newspaper The Guardian.

It was also reported in The Guardian that a prisoner taken by troops had made a statement which claimed he was “continuously punched and kicked” and saw blood coming from nearby toilets.

The British Ministry of Defence has denied any wrongdoing, although pressure is mounting for an independent inquiry into the allegations.

According to death certificates seen by the newspaper the day after the May 2004 battle, seven reportedly showed signs of “mutilation” and “torture”. …

It’s believed that there was footage of the dead bodies that has been seen by British authorities.

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