British Liberal Democrats throw out their leader Menzies Campbell

This video from the British Liberal Democrat party says about itself ´Liberal Democrat Leader Ming Campbell calls for British troops forces to leave Iraq´.

However, Campbell is no longer party leader …

From British weekly Socialist Worker:

A change of leader won’t help Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats removed one leader because he had a drink problem. They have now thrown another out, apparently for being too old.

The Lib Dems benefited from being the only establishment party to oppose war in Iraq. But their stance was opportunist – supporting “winnable” wars and occasionally opposing those that are “unwinnable”. Their vacillations have done nothing to stop those wars.

The real problem for Lib Dems is that they want to build an openly “liberal” neoliberal party. But so do the Tories and the Labour Party.

The need to take on Labour and the Tories forces them look for any way to win votes. That makes opportunistic confusion central to the Lib Dems, regardless of who leads them.

All the party’s potential leaders are committed to the free market. Vincent Cable, the temporary leader, is a former chief economist at Shell Oil. He argued, “Markets must be allowed to work, trade should be free, and private enterprise should not be shackled by excessive regulation.”

3 thoughts on “British Liberal Democrats throw out their leader Menzies Campbell

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