Vatican official in sex scandal suspended

This is an Italian video about the Monsignore Stenico sex scandal.

From British daily The Guardian:

Sex, lies and videotape: turmoil at the Vatican

· Official secretly filmed propositioning young man
· Bureaucrat claims he was investigating satanist plot

John Hooper in Rome

Monday October 15, 2007

The Vatican was last night at the centre of an unusually public sex scandal after acknowledging it had suspended a senior official who was filmed apparently propositioning a young man in his office.

Monsignor Tommaso Stenico, a capo ufficio, or section head, at the Vatican ministry responsible for the clergy, insisted yesterday he was not gay. He said he had posed as a homosexual to research a plot by satanists.

The affair is the latest of several indications that the traditional immunity enjoyed by the Catholic church in Italy over sex scandals is gradually giving way.

A programme broadcast on October 1 by La7 – the only national channel not owned by Silvio Berlusconi or the state – included a sequence it said had been filmed secretly in a Vatican office. The six-minute sequence was said to have been captured by a young man who had come into contact with a Vatican official via an internet chatroom.

He was invited to have sado-masochistic sex and arrangements were made for a meeting in St Peter’s Square. Unknown to the older man, the other man, who said he wanted to expose the hypocrisy of the Catholic church, arrived equipped with concealed video and audio recording equipment.

It is the latest of several recent embarrassments for the Catholic church in Italy. One of its best-known priests, renowned for his care of drug addicts, is being investigated for sex abuse. And prosecutors in both Turin and Siena are looking into claims of sex abuse and financial wrongdoing by senior church officials.

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Monsignore Stenico ‘insisted yesterday he was not gay.’ Yeah right. Like far Right fundamentalist ‘ex gay’ US protestant preachers like the ‘Reverend’ Ted Haggard; ‘pro family’ US Republican politicians (more on Larry Craig here); etc.

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2 thoughts on “Vatican official in sex scandal suspended

  1. Holy tipple may take priests over limit

    Henry McDonald, Ireland correspondent
    Saturday November 3, 2007
    The Guardian

    It may sound like a plot from the cult Channel 4 comedy Father Ted, but it’s an issue giving increasing concern to the diligent clergy of Ireland.

    One of the most high-profile priests has warned that clergymen are concerned that two masses or more in a day could push them over the legal limit for drink driving. As the Vatican forbids the use of non-alcoholic wine in the communion service, priests have no choice but to consume wine from the chalice on the altar.,,2204547,00.html


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