Blairite plot in Britain against Gordon Brown?

This video from Britain is called Tony Blair – Bliar Bliar Pants on Fire!

From British weekly The Observer:

A group of Tony Blair‘s closest supporters is laying plans to break ranks and warn Gordon Brown that he is in danger of abandoning Middle Britain after what is being described as the Prime Minister’s ‘pathetic’ performance in the past week.

As David Cameron surges to a seven-point lead in a new opinion poll today – a 15-year high – three former members of Blair’s cabinet are planning to embark on a blitz of policy speeches to ensure that Brown does not hand the initiative to David Cameron. Stephen Byers, the former Transport Secretary, Alan Milburn, the ex-Health Secretary, and Charles Clarke, the former Home Secretary, are all said to be ‘itching’ to speak out in the wake of what they regard as Brown’s failure to set out a vision that will reinvigorate Middle Britain’s support for New Labour.

What a contrast between the misplaced loyalty of the Brownites to Tony Blair, whose follies and crimes they, sometimes unenthusiastically, supported. And the disloyal revolting (in various senses of the word) Blairites, already plotting soon after Brown took office.

Maybe they are dissatisfied that Gordon Brown did not stop the recent peace demonstration at Parliament Square in London with bloody violence, like the British Conservatives did in 1819 in Peterloo

The Murdoch empire and Gordon Brown: here.

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