Manu Chao in concert, review

This is a music video of Manu Chao – Desaparecido. Lyrics are here.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Not selling out

(Friday 05 October 2007)

LIVE: Manu Chao
Brixton Academy, London

DANIEL COYSH succumbs to the infectious enthusiasm of punk chameleon Manu Chao.

MANU Chao likes his politically charged internationalist punk to hit the ground running.

While other bands like to leave a long pause after the support act – all the better to find the audience gagging for it – Thursday night’s Brixton gig was notable for the entire band’s infectious enthusiasm. It was almost as if they could not wait to tear on stage and tear it up.

Support act Peyote for President did their best, in a anarcho-hippie Gypsy Kings sort of a way, but the hordes packing out the Brixton Academy were there for one thing only – the remarkable Franco-Spanish lefty artist who has managed to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Ever since his first incarnation as front man for the frenetic Mano Negra, Manu Chao has effortlessly united a vast range of musical styles – Latin, west African, country, Gypsy, reggae, Algerian rai and god-knows-what-else under the banner of punk rock. And the 40-year-old manages to do it with a startling combination of tenderness and anti-corporate rage.

Simply Red: here.

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