Sugar gliders in London?

This is a video about sugar gliders.

From Wildlife Extra:

There are many well known species of exotic species colonising the UK, the best known being the grey squirrel, Canada goose, mink, Muntjac deer and the Ring-Necked Parakeet.

Now there are reports of a small colony of ‘flying squirrels’ living on Wimbledon common in South West London. The current theory is that they are probably Sugar gliders, small squirrel like mammals native to Australia. They live high in trees and have a flap of skin that stretches from their front to rear legs, which they use for gliding from 1 tree to another.

A sweet step towards protection of Sugar Gliders in Malaysia: here.

Australian and New Guinean mammals: here.

5 thoughts on “Sugar gliders in London?

  1. I live in Bretton, Peterborough and have recently been visiting family in Wimbledon. They know exactly where these Sugar Gliders have been hiding out and I have seen them first hand. Marvelous creatures.


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