Corruption of dictator Franco’s family revealed in Spain

This is a clip from “The Bombing of Gernika [Guernica in Spanish]: The Mark of Men”; Survivors’ Memories of the bombing of Gernika. Produced by Gernika Gogoratuz in colaboration with The Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

By Vicky Short:

Spain: Revelations of obscene wealth inherited by former dictator Franco’s family

Widespread anger has erupted in Spain over revelations regarding the massive wealth inherited by the family of former dictator General Francisco Franco. The revelations are coupled with stories of the degenerate and decadent lifestyles of the Francos —one of the richest families in Spain.

Every day, one or other of the concessions made to the fascists during the so-called “peaceful transition from dictatorship to democracy” three decades ago appears on the news and are bitterly debated in the letter columns of newspapers, private websites and blogs. An indication of the present mood can be seen in the letters published in response to one such article on the family’s wealth—the September 9 edition of El País.

Que mas da writes, “….and they call this democracy? Why are we waiting to put a stop to such a big rabble who during forty years have made themselves rich at the expense of all Spaniards? Why are we waiting for an official investigation by the heirs of the bloody dictator just so that they can give an account of their possessions? And then Spanish judges allow themselves to put a stop to foreign dictators, why don’t they do the same here in our country?”

Anuskita says, “Property acquired by theft and extortion is not ‘property’ but robbery. It must be given back to its true owner, in this case the Spanish people.”

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