Seven little egrets, thousands of dunlin, on Texel island

This video from Spain is about the little egret.

This is the last log in my series about Texel island in September-1 October this year.

The first bird of today was a collared dove (see also here) in De Koog village.

Then, we went south. At De Petten nature reserve, spoonbills, and many wigeon. A kingfisher flying fast across the water.

Then, De Geul; with gadwall ducks and little grebes.

At the Mokbaai, many widgeon, avocets, and bar-tailed godwits.

Shelducks; and a male pintail duck.

Quite some redshanks; and very many more dunlin. Thousands of them, sometimes flying away in spectacular flocks.

Later, the other, western, bank of the Mokbaai. The same species; also curlews. And, very spectacular for this rare species: a group of seven little egrets close together!

How to do good nature blogging: here.

3 thoughts on “Seven little egrets, thousands of dunlin, on Texel island

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