British Foreign Secretary belatedly attacks Tony Blair’s militarism

This video is called IndyMedia NewsReal: Testimonies From Falluja.

From British daily The Guardian:

Miliband: We have alienated millions of Muslims over Iraq· Foreign secretary admits party scarred by invasion

Patrick Wintour, political editor

Wednesday September 26, 2007

David Miliband, the foreign secretary, yesterday attempted a break with a decade of Blairite foreign policy, admitting a scarred government needed to stop and think why its well-intentioned interventions had alienated millions of Muslims.

In a frank speech, he also admitted there could be no military solutions in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying the government had found it hard to win peace in such countries.

Mr Miliband, why, then, are right at this moment, British soldiers still dying; and still killing Afghan and Iraqi civilians; in pursuit of those ‘military solutions’ which you, correctly, claim are illusory? Shouldn’t you bring those British troops home; right now?

And why, Mr Miliband, have you waited with speaking out till Tony Blair was safely gone? At least, your predecessor Robin Cook had the decency to resign, protesting the Iraq war. Your colleague Clare Short, to her discredit, stayed until after the 2003 Iraq invasion; but, to her credit, then resigned and protested the war.

When people like Mr Miliband would have stood up to Blair before the 2003 invasion, they might have saved over a million Iraqi lives.

Still, “better late than never”; and now, Mr Milibands words should be followed up by actions.

British TV presenter Quentin Willson, interviewed by daily The Independent:

Integrity doesn’t seem to matter, invading Iraq and lying about WMD. We have lost all ethical value. Blair should be known as the man who murdered truth and now Brown is pretending he was asleep during those meetings.

Gordon Brown on colonialism: here.

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