White storks and kingfisher

This is a video of a kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) catching some snacks.

Today, to the nature reserve. As I enter, it is sunny. Sounds of nuthatches and robins.

However, after a few hundred meters, a thunderstorm with pouring rain starts. I go back to the entrance.

However, as I get back at the entrance/exit, the rain stops. I try again.

Again, after a few minutes, the rain starts. Again, I turn back. Again, the rain stops at the exit.

I go back in. On the meadow to the east of the reserve, two white storks, a grey heron, and carrion crows.

A bit further, a kingfisher lands on a branch, about three meter above the water. It is not far from where I saw a (the same??) kingfisher months ago. In the sunlight, I can look for minutes, as this beautiful bird turns around on its branch, showing both its orange belly and its blueish-green back, as the water underneath it splashes from frolicking mallards.

After those minutes, the kingfisher flies away over the water, passing me by closely; and finally disappearing, as the water takes a right turn where I cannot see it any more.

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