Scottish artist Gerald Laing paints against Iraq war

This video is called New graphic Abu Ghraib images.

From The Scotsman of 24 September:

AN artist is set to spark controversy with a new exhibition in London of paintings inspired by the Iraq war.

Pop artist Gerald Laing‘s War Paintings touch on the torture that took place inside Abu Ghraib prison.

See also here.

From the BBC:

An internationally renowned artist, Gerald Laing first hit the headlines with his radical Pop images celebrating technical and political optimism post-WW2. For most of the ’60s he lived and worked in New York, virtually as an American artist. Since returning to Scotland in 1969 he has concentrated on sculpture with works in public collections worldwide including the National Gallery.

“A searing indictment of the inhumanity of war ”
Iain Gale, Scotland on Sunday

However, widely circulated press photographs of events in Iraq have provoked him into picking up his brushes for the first time in 35 years to produce a remarkable series of canvases now on show at King’s College Arts Centre.

Laing’s controversial Iraq War paintings utilise the conventions and paradoxes he first developed in his earliest work, but with greater freedom than before, in order to express his thoughts and feelings about recent political and social developments and conflicts.

These striking and uncompromising paintings depict images of the War in Iraq. Moved by photographs he had seen in the press, Laing was inspired to return to painting and his new works have been described as ‘a searing indictment of the inhumanity of war’.

Anti Iraq war demonstration in London, 8 October: here.

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