British government sabotages BAE corruption probe

This video from Britain is about New Labour – Old sleaze – Saudis and BAE blackmail.

From Tajikistan News.Net:

UK government refuses to cooperate in BAE probe

Friday 21st September, 2007

British government ministers have refused to co-operate with an American corruption investigation into British defence manufacturer BAE Systems.

U.S investigators leading the inquiry believe Britain is obstructing the investigation because it has not sent through a requested Mutual Legal Assistance document.

The U.K Home Office won’t comment on the complaint.

The U.S Department of Justice in June launched an investigation into corruption claims against BAE and Saudi Arabia over kickbacks from lucrative arms deals.

Last December, Britain’s own investigations were halted on the grounds of national security.

Update 26 November 2007: here.

6 thoughts on “British government sabotages BAE corruption probe

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