Lizard, dog, music

This is a video of a Serbian Roma band playing the Jewish song Hava Nagila in Germany.

Today, at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam.

As I wrote earlier, here are lizard sculptures. They are here to remember “Blauw Jan”, a seventeenth century publican who had a private collection of animals here; a predecessor of today’s zoos.

There were also circus acts then, when there were not yet circuses proper.

Today, the metal of the head of one monitor lizard sculpture looks very shiny. It is because it is the sculpture closest to the passers-by; who love to pat it. A tourist takes a photograph of his girlfriend, patting the head of the monitor sculpture.

A bit further, a blonde woman does a circus act with a whitish poodle. He plays a keyboard and a guitar; jumps through hoops; and goes through a long tunnel.

Close to this act, boys are playing with soccer balls.

Still a bit further, a Roma music group is playing. They are two clarinets; two accordeons; and two tambourines. To applause, they play Hava Nagila and other songs.

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