New Mark Fiore animation on Dick Cheney, and war against Iran?

This video from the USA is about ‘Cheney pushing for an attack on Iran and not interested in diplomacy. The Young Turks on Air America Radio, M-F 6-9am ET, and on’.

The new animation by Mark Fiore from the USA, called “Cheney-in-Chief” has been posted to the Internet.

It is about US Vice President Dick Cheney, war in Iraq, and plans for war against Iran.

War against Iran? See here.

Cheney and Iraqi oil: here.

Israel and Iran nuclear issues: here.

10 thoughts on “New Mark Fiore animation on Dick Cheney, and war against Iran?

  1. Understanding the US-Iran Crisis

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    – Seymour M. Hersh, The New Yorker, on ‘Understanding the US-Iran Crisis:
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