Iraq: Baghdad residents protest US-erected segregation wall

This video ‘shows you the reality of Baghdad wall’.

By Naomi Spencer:

Baghdad residents protest US-erected dividing wall

18 September 2007

Hundreds of Shiite and Sunni residents staged a protest on September 12 against a wall being constructed by US troops between their adjoining neighborhoods in northwest Baghdad. Construction on the two-kilometer long wall, part of a deliberate US effort to divide Iraq’s population along religious lines, began last week without the consultation of local residents and continues despite their opposition.

The protestors demanded the Maliki government put a halt to the wall’s construction and remove the completed sections dividing the Shiite neighborhood of al-Shuala and the Sunni-majority al-Ghazaliyah. The demonstrators, including clerics, tribal leaders, and workers, marched from one neighborhood to the other carrying signs declaring, “The wall is US terrorism” and “No to the dividing wall.”

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