In Bush’s ‘new’ Afghanistan, discrimination against Sikh religious minority worse than under Taliban

This video is called Afghan Massacre: the Convoy of Death.

Reuters reports:

Sikhs in Afghan funeral demonstration

Mon Sep 17, 2007 12:59 PM BST137

By Jon Hemming

KABUL – Around 100 angry Afghan Sikhs carried a coffin to the United Nations headquarters in Kabul on Monday, accusing Muslims of stopping them cremating the dead man.

Shouting slogans and punching their fists into the air the turbanned men broke through a hastily assembled police barriers until they reached the gates of the U.N. mission.

The protesters said Muslims had beaten them as they tried to bury community elder Lachman Singh.

“Aren’t we human? Isn’t God created for us as well? If God is only for Muslims, go ahead and kill us all or hand us over to the UN,” Autaar Singh, parliament’s Sikh representative, told Reuters.

“We want our rights and freedom,” he said. “We weren’t even stopped performing our religious ceremonies by the Taliban.” …

“We have owned this land for more than 120 years to perform our sacrements, but it is the first time we were stopped and beaten by the people,” said Autaar Singh.

“Even the Taliban did not oppress us as we are oppressed by the people and government right now.”

Afghan Sikhs, already marginalized, are pushed to the brink: here.

Hindu priest feels victimised in Kabul: here.

Illegal killing by US Special Forces in Afghanistan: here.

Corruption in Afghanistan: here.

Alleged war criminals in positions of power in Afghanistan: here.

An Afghan citizen has been granted asylum in the UK because he is an atheist, in what is being seen as a landmark case. The BBC’s Dawood Azami explains why religion is a very sensitive issue in Afghanistan’s conservative and traditional society: here.

England: Dozens of stowaways found inside Tilbury shipping container ‘are Afghan Sikhs’: here. And here.

Bush’s ‘new’ Afghanistan: atheist has to become refugee to save his life.

8 thoughts on “In Bush’s ‘new’ Afghanistan, discrimination against Sikh religious minority worse than under Taliban

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