Miocene fossil animals discovered in Macedonia

This 2015 video is about giraffe evolution.

From the Southeast European Times:

Evidence of prehistoric animals unearthed in Macedonia


Fossil remains of an ancient giraffe, antelopes, rhinoceroses, a saber-toothed tiger, mastodons and other large animals have been located near a village in eastern Macedonia.

By Zoran Nikolovski for Southeast European Times in Skopje — 13/09/07

A prehistoric giraffe discovered in eastern Macedonia earlier this summer is the first to be found in Europe, according to paleontologists. The ancient animal was among several sets of fossil remains dating five to ten million years ago.

Located outside the village of Stamer, near Delcovo, the fossils bear witness that antelopes, prehistoric rhinoceroses, saber-toothed tigers, and mastodons once lived on Europe’s soil, as well as the giraffe. Such evidence could also be helpful in tracing the evolution of homo sapien, which is believed to have originated in Africa around 200,000 years ago and migrated later to Europe and Asia. …

“In the first location, we found remains of a prehistoric giraffe, the first such finding in Europe. This is an important finding and we hope to find many more specimens in this location,” said Geraads.

According to Nikolaj Spasov of the National Natural History Museum in Sofia, the Stamer site contains remains from the Late Miocene period. The unearthed giraffe, he says, represents the ancestor of present-day African giraffes. Today’s animal weighs up to one tonne on average, while the Macedonian specimen weighed around two tonnes, was shorter and had horns.

Miocene Chalicotherium in the Netherlands: here.

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