Dutch and Italian Islamophobic ex-ministers in rows

A mockery Argentine tango between the two disputing Dutch politicians Mark Rutte and Rita Verdonk from the political party VVD. Broadcast by the satirical Dutch NCRV television program “Man bijt Hond” on 2006-11-28.

In the Netherlands today, ex immigration minister Rita Verdonk was expelled from the parliamentary group of her conservative VVD party for attacking her party leader Mark Rutte as not hardline enough on immigration.

From Italian news agency ANSA:

Ex- minister in fresh Islam row

Calderoli calls for ‘pig day’ against new mosques

Rome, September 13 – An opposition ex-minister who stoked international Muslim anger a year ago fired off a fresh broadside at Islam on Thursday by calling for a ‘pig day’ battle against mosque building on Italian soil. Northern League heavyweight Roberto Calderoli, who was reform minister under the previous, Silvio Berlusconi-led government and is now deputy Senate speaker, said pigs should be brought in to thwart plans for the construction of a major mosque in Bologna.

Tariq Ramadan and Islamophobia: here.

Terry Eagleton, Martin and Kingsley Amis, and Islamophobia: here. and here.

US Rightist mysogynists and homophobes suddenly ‘pro gay and pro women’ on Muslims: here.

5 thoughts on “Dutch and Italian Islamophobic ex-ministers in rows

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