New spider species discovered in Belgium for first time ever

About this video:

I believe this to be a tiny theridion like spider, related to money spiders. At first I just thought it was a baby spider but it has the boxing gloves of an adult male! Is maybe 2-3mm across!

From Belgian daily Het Belang van Limburg:

For the first time ever, a new spider species has been discovered in Belgium. It is the “kierkogelspin” [crack tangle-web spider], or “Theridion asopi Vanuytven“.

Herman Vanuytven in 1989 near Namur for the first time discovered a specimen of the species. “However, then it was not yet clear that this was a new species. People thought that it was an already known member of the tangle-web spider family“, Koen Van Keer of the Belgian Arachnological Society, Arabel, says. “Only in 1994, the discoverer got suspicious that this might be a new species. …

Until now, about fifty specimens of the new species have been found. The spider lives in cracks of rocks and walls, hence its name kierkogelspin [crack tangle-web spider]. In Antwerp, the animal lives at seven places, all at walls near railroads.

Probably, the spider was brought there when rocks were transported there for between and along the railroads; as in southern Belgium the spider is found in quarries.

The spider got its name ‘asopi’ from ASOP, the Antwerp spider research project.

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