Bush about ‘Austrian’ troops in Iraq

This video from Australia is about George W Bush’s APEC bushisms.

From CTV in Canada:

APEC? OPEC? Australia? Austria? Bush gets confused

Updated Fri. Sep. 7 2007 8:40 AM ET

Associated Press

SYDNEY, Australia — President Bush had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day at the Sydney Opera House.

He’d only reached the third sentence of Friday’s speech to business leaders, on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, when he committed his first gaffe.

“Thank you for being such a fine host for the OPEC summit,” Bush said to Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

Oops. That would be APEC, the annual meeting of leaders from 21 Pacific Rim nations, not OPEC, the cartel of 12 major oil producers.

Bush quickly corrected himself. “APEC summit,” he said forcefully, joking that Howard had invited him to the OPEC summit next year (for the record, an impossibility, since neither Australia nor the U.S. are OPEC members).

The president’s next goof went uncorrected — by him anyway. Talking about Howard’s visit to Iraq last year to thank his country’s soldiers serving there, Bush called them “Austrian troops.”

That one was fixed for him. Though tapes of the speech clearly show Bush saying “Austrian,” the official text released by the White House switched it to “Australian.”

Maybe Bush does not know the difference between Australia and Austria. Maybe he does not know the difference between Iraq and Iran. Maybe he thinks Sweden is an African country.

Or, he may really have wanted Austrian soldiers to go to Iraq. Some Austrian soldiers have been in the Austrian media recently, for neo-nazism.

Maybe Bush wants these Austrian nazi soldiers to join their US colleagues in Iraq; as the war in Iraq has made standards for joining the US armed forces so low that nazis and other criminals are now welcome there.

Dan Rather, CBS, and Bush’s Vietnam draft dodging: here.

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1 thought on “Bush about ‘Austrian’ troops in Iraq

  1. Anti-APEC protesters: united and peaceful


    SEPTEMBER 8 — Alex Bainbridge, chairing the Stop Bush/Make Howard
    History anti-APEC rally told the gathered crowd that there were 10,000
    people gathered at Sydney’s Town Hall. A contingent of hundreds of high
    school students arrived at Town Hall, chanting “Troops out now!”, while
    a contingent of hundreds of trade unionists arrived chanting “The
    workers united will never be defeated!”

    Green Left/ARTV videos: Sydney APEC 2007 peaceful protest videos


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