New grasshopper species in the northern Netherlands

This video shows a Phaneroptera falcata grasshopper.

Translated from the Leeuwarder Courant daily in the Netherlands:

BLESDIJKE – New in Friesland province, thanks to climate change: the grasshopper Phaneroptera falcata. Peter de Boer and Ronald van Seijen of the Frisian dragonfly society De Hynstebiter discovered this special insect when they were at the Blesdijkerheide, looking for dragonflies.

This is a really special observation, De Boer says: ,,Never before has this animal been seen so far to the north.” Before this, this southern grasshopper had already been seen in Gelder­land and Noord‑Holland provinces. The Phaneroptera falcata, whose name refers to the sickle-shaped ovidepositor of the females, is related to the large marsh grasshopper, which is common in our country.

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